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Internal SATA to eSATA II 3GB External 2Port Host Bracket Cable 16cm

Internal SATA to eSATA 3GB External 2 Port Host Bracket Cable 16cm

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Convert Motherboard SATA to eSATA... This ability is perfect for using an array of drives with performance striping behind the eSATA host port.



eSATA Cables with PCI Bracket that Convert Mother Board Internal SATA 2Ports to External SATA II (eSATA)!

Initially SATA was designed as an internal or inside-the-box interface technology, bringing improved performance and new features to internal PC or consumer storage. Creative designers quickly realized the innovative interface could reliably be expanded outside the PC, bringing the same performance and features to external storage needs instead of relying on USB or 1394 interfaces. Called external SATA or eSATA, customers can now utilize shielded cable lengths up to 2 meters outside the PC to take advantage of the benefits the SATA interface brings to storage. SATA is now out of the box as an external standard, with specifically defined cables, connectors, and signal requirements released as new standards. eSATA provides more performance than existing solutions and is hot pluggable.

  • Key benefits of eSATA:Up to 6 times faster than existing external storage solutions: USB 2.0, & 1394
  • Robust and user friendly external connection
  • High performance, cost effective expansion storage

    Applications: External Direct Attached Storage for notebooks, desktop, consumer electronics and entry servers.

    The results of eSATA are dramatic and with no protocol overhead issues as with USB or 1394. The eSATA storage bus delivers as much as 37 times more performance. This ability is perfect for using an array of drives with performance striping behind the eSATA host port.


    Cable : (26AWG/1P+A)*2+4D, AWM style 2725 80 degree 30V VW-1

  • Conductor: 26AWG solid tinned copper
  • Isolator: FOAM PE or FOAM PP
  • Wrapping: Hot melt aluminum mylar spirally wrapped
  • Drain Wire: 28AWG solid tinned Copper
  • Jacket: 80C PVC OD 2.2mm*7.80mm+/-0.2

    Connector :

  • Housing: Temperature polyster & Glass fiber, UL 94V-0
  • Terminal: Copper alloy
  • Cover: ABS, UL 94V-0
  • Plating: 15 u" gold plated over 50u" nickel

    High Frequency Character :

  • Impedance: 100+/-15 ohms (Mated connector)
  • Attenuation: 6 dB Max from 10MHz ~ 4500MHz
  • Crosstalk (NEXT): -26dB Max from 10MHz ~ 4500MHz
  • Intra pair skew: 10 pcs Max
  • Rise Time: 85 ps Max


NOTE: this performs the same function as: eSATA Female to SATA Female Bridge Adapter (AD-A888)

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